The Black Sheep Choir

The January meeting, the Noson Lawen, attracted the largest attendance of the 2019/20 season so far. They were not disappointed. The Welsh culture of competing in Eisteddfodau from a young age always ensures that there is always a large pool of talented volunteers happy to provide the entertainment. This year there were soloists, a choir, instrumentalists, story tellers, actors, comedians and poets. It began with Clive Bright singing Dafydd y Garreg Wen, accompanied by harpist Buddug Rowland Frank. Buddug then played Codiad yr Ehedydd. Margaret Cox gave an interesting talk on the first golf course on the Gower. She was followed by founder member Janet Wash, singing at the Noson Lawen“ for the first time in 55 years”. Peter Freeman then sang Ellers (Fy Nhad a’m Duw gad i weld dy wedd). Regular performers, the Indifferent Strings - Jeremy Hoyland (banjo and ukelele) and David Brown and Hillary Camp (both guitar) - were joined by Brian Farmer and Clive Williams to play some lively numbers. John Taylor and Mike Price, both seasoned raconteurs and comedians, followed. Talented actor David Pitchford’s amazed with his performance of Roald Dahl’s Cinderella. Clive Williams then played the guitar and sang, with the audience joining enthusiastically in the chorus of Geneth Fain Ddu. The first half ended with the Black Sheep - Dave Almond, Stuart Anderson, Jim Armishaw, Clive Bright, Brian Farmer, Peter Freeman, John Taylor, Derrick Thomas, Arthur Williams, Clive Williams and Gareth Williams - which was formed about 15 years ago by Derrick especially to perform at the Noson Lawen, sang I Bob Un Sy’n Ffyddlon and The Fields of Athenry,  spiced up by a typical Gareth joke.

The performance continued after an interval for some refreshments with Debs Morgan singing the lovely Suo Gan. Then a change of mood, with Dave Almond reciting a poem, about himself, written by a friend to celebrate Dave’s carelessness, (and forgetfulness ?).  A second appearance by the Indifferent Strings was followed by a medley of songs with audience participation, played by Clive Williams on his accordion. Eddie Alcock, who can always be relied upon to tell a good well-rehearsed tale, highlighted the confusion which can be caused by regional slang accompanied by poor hearing. Then Kim Brown sang a lovely song, Jim Armishaw read two poems he wrote in the 1950’s and Hillary Camp recited an amusing poem which highlights the difficulties of managing modern gadgets. The Welsh Learners Class of Brian Farmer, Dai Rees, Eddie Alcock and Sina Williams performed a tragedy, Look Back in Bangor, a mixture of amusement and confusion; written by Brian loosely in the style of Dylan Thomas (what would Dylan think?). Afterwards Dai recovered to say a few jokes. Finally, the Black Sheep again, with Down by the Riverside, a joke by Derrick and an hilarious Bold Gendarmes. The President, Liz Armishaw was the MC for the evening. Arthur Williams, the Vice-president said how much he had enjoyed the evening and thanked and congratulated all those who had taken part – even though it was now, sadly, too late to visit y dafarn (the Pub)!

Jim Armishaw

         M.C. Liz Armishaw, President                                Clive Bright                                Buddug Rowland Frank

                    Margaret Cox                                         Janet Wash                                        Peter Freeman

                    John Taylor                                              Mike Price                                         Clive Williams

                  David Pitchford                                       Dave Almond                                        Eddie Alcock

                    Debs Morgan                                      Jim Armishaw                                          Hilary Camp

                     Kim Brown                                                               Welsh Learners Group

                     Dai Rees                                      Accompanist Ivy Price                  Arthur Williams, Vice President,

                                                                                                                                  thanks everyone involved in                                                                                                                                             making the evening such a 



The Blach Sheep Choir end the evening with The Bold Gendarmes