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MEN WHO SING ... a documentary film directed by Dylan Williams

We thought you might be interested to know that a documentary featuring Trelawnyd MVC, (your guest choir on 11th June 2022), has just been released ... It's available to view on Curzon Home Cinema
We hope that you enjoy watching it!!

Dylan Williams’ hugely entertaining documentary started out as a film about his father, but transformed into a portrait of the choir he sings with.

When nonagenarian Ed tells his son that he wants to sell up and sort out his funeral, Dylan feels it’s time to pop back to north Wales. He follows his father round on his weekly chores, constitutionals and practice with Côr Meibion Trelawnyd, the Welsh-language all-male choir he belongs to. It’s there that Dylan gets to grips with a problem affecting this venerated institution: the passage of time, the deaths of choir members and the dearth of younger singers to fill their ranks.

So the hunt begins to find ‘brown haired men’ in their 40s and 50s who can take the choir forward. As the search intensifies Dylan reveals more about these singers’ lives. And the mission changes the tune of the choir; Ed finds new meaning through the search, Merf deals with his own bad news by focusing on the groups future and Gwynn laughs in the face of prostate cancer diagnosis, walking on the wing of a plane to raise money. Unashamedly sentimental, Williams’ film is also a fascinating portrait of a small community and the power derived from it.
Dear Chelmsford Welsh Society, I grew up on a farm in Montgomery, Powys Wales, which inspired me to write my debut novel – ‘On The Border.’ A tale about a young girl who struggles to decide whether to stay in the Wales she loves, or go over the border to try her luck in the wider world. My welsh upbringing, my family, the community and town of Montgomery in Powys, were the springboard for my imagination, so the book has authenticity. One reviewer has described it as – ‘A love letter to the landscape of the welsh heart...’ I have had a varied career as an actress, teacher, psychotherapist, and writer. I am married to the actor/playwright and novelist Robin Hawdon. I am using my welsh maiden name as my pen name – Cari Davies. My email address is
This is what it is about -
Megan Owen, is a teenager torn between two opposing worlds – Wales and England. And between two opposing loves - Welsh wild boy Iolo, and sophisticated London Hugo. As she moves through adolescence to adulthood, she battles to choose where she truly belongs, and with whom. Will it be the tempestuous world of 1950s farming and Chapel tradition in Wales? Or the hippy promise of 1960s swinging London? Is it possible for love and female empowerment to co-exist in these times? Through heartache and drama Megan discovers there’s no easy answer. Particularly when fate will keep interfering...
You can buy it from from Cambria Publishing Wales.
It is also on Amazon, UK, America, and Australia and can be easily downloaded on kindle - (New releases) It is available in bookstores through Ingram. I have two daughters, both writers, one who lives in Bath England, the other in Melbourne Australia. I also have four aspiring grandchildren. I spend my time between England, and Australia, writing. Warm regards, Sheila Hawdon. (Cari Davies, pen name.)