A recent message from Roy who has found a certificate that he would like to return to it's rightful owner:


 Event : Eisteddfod Ring-Golegol Abertawe 1984


I recently purchased a Large Book of The Royal Opera House Covent Garden and found inside a Certificate which was awarded to a Linda a Mandy for Piano playing!
The Signature on the Certificate is 
Jayne Griffiths
I would very much like to return this Treasured Document to the Person who originally won it and wondered if you might be able to put me in touch with somebody who I could send it to for safe Delivery.
I'm sure the original owner would like to have it back as I suspect that it was placed inside the book that I have for Safe keeping!
Please can you help me.


Best Regards,




Sadly Cally Hammond will not be able to lead our service this year (2015) due to ill health.


She sends the following message:




"Just a note to wish all my friends in the Society every blessing at Sunday's service in Lt Baddow, and to say thank you for my lovely flowers:


I hope to be with you once more in 2016 if not before.



God bless,Cally"



Dear Mair and Brian,


It was great to talk to you today on the telephone, thank you for all your advice and information.

I am looking for local Welsh people who would be willing to help me present a St. David's Day Celebration for Essex County Council.

This will be a lunch party from 12-2pm on Thursday 27th February.

We are hoping to invite a Welsh band, a poet and a dance group to hold a mini Eisteddfod.

If there is anyone in the Chelmsford and District Welsh Society who has an interest or knows anyone who has an interest in poetry, music or dance, or room decorations please encourage them to contact me.

I would be very happy to support readers, poets or dancers to come along and present in celebration of Welsh culture.

This event will also be open to the general public.

Please don't hesitate to contact me if you are willing to share your music, dance, poetry or decoration skills.

It would also be a great help if you could forward this email to your contacts- especially if there is anyone who comes to mind.


Best wishes


Daisy Lees



Freelance Events Manager for Essex Cultural Diversity Project at Essex County Council


(If you would like to contact Daisy  direct please E-mail her on daisy@la-olam.com  or use the contact form and you will be put in touch with her, thanks. )



Dear friends,

Better late than never - I am writing to say how very much I enjoyed being with you for the St David's Day service this year. What a joy to see so many old friends, and to see Dad so delighted to recognise you all as well.

It is so posh there now in Lt Baddow too!

I very much value being able to come and be with you. My way to remember Mum, because I know it meant so much to her as well.


God bless and every good wish to you -






To the President and members Chelmsford and District Welsh Society

Many thanks for all the hospitality shown to me at the 2007 St. David's Day dinner and the service at Little Baddow U.R.C. I can now proudly display the Society's goblet and the commemorative mug from Little Baddow U.R.C.

During my visit to Essex, I read that many Welsh teachers moved to the Chelmsford area after the War. Two of those were my great uncle and great aunt Tom and Sally Davies. They moved to Park Avenue. Tom commenced teaching at Home School on 1 January 1946. They had heard that coal was in short supply away from mining areas so they packed 30 sacks of coal, with their furniture, into the removal van. The earliest Welsh-born teacher in Essex of whom I'm aware was certificated teacher William Thomas, from Dafen Carmarthenshire. He commenced teaching at the National School in Little Baddow on 30 July 1888. He taught there until failing sight and hearing (and drink) forced his retirement in 1908.

If any of your members, visiting Australia, get lost and end up in Canberra; I'll be happy to show them around (and shout them a beer!).


Best wishes to you all from the Welsh Society in Canberra and me.


John Bundock