On the Border


Megan Owen, is a teenager torn between two opposing worlds – Wales and England. And between two opposing loves - Welsh wild boy Iolo, and sophisticated London Hugo. As she moves through adolescence to adulthood, she battles to choose where she truly belongs, and with whom. Will it be the tempestuous world of 1950s farming and Chapel tradition in Wales? Or the hippy promise of 1960s swinging London? Is it possible for love and female empowerment to co-exist in these times? Through heartache and drama Megan discovers there’s no easy answer. Particularly when fate will keep interfering...
You can buy it from from Cambria Publishing Wales.
It is also on Amazon, UK, America, and Australia and can be easily downloaded on kindle - (New releases) It is available in bookstores through Ingram. I have two daughters, both writers, one who lives in Bath England, the other in Melbourne Australia. I also have four aspiring grandchildren. I spend my time between England, and Australia, writing. Warm regards, Sheila Hawdon. (Cari Davies, pen name.)