The first book of the planned Tawe Trilogy.

  Set in the early years of the twentieth century, the story is based mainly in the industrial seaside town of Swansea in South Wales although the tale winds its way to Dublin and back again. It describes the lives of sisters Megan and Catrin Morgan and who, even though they are blighted with tragedy, both experience periods of   contentment at some time in their troubled lives.

  In the beginning, Megan and Catrin live with their mother who is particularly cruel to Megan. When Megan funds herself pregnant in the most unusual circumstances the sisters flee Swansea for Ireland to begin a new life. But hope turns to tragedy and destiny has so much in store for the girls. The sisters are taken in by an order of nuns in Dublin but things do not work out well.  Megan escapes from the nuns and finds solace when she is taken in by Bridie; however her peace is short lived after she is violently raped by a friend of Bridie.

  Catrin fails in her search for Megan and returns to Swansea. She finds security and contentment with Jack and they start a family, but she loses Jack after an accident at work.  Catrin’s life becomes even more tragic when the Great War intervenes and she loses a loved one after Welsh soldiers fight bravely at Mametz Wood.

  When Megan eventually returns to Swansea and she reunites with Catrin, they form a close relationship with Mathew Penrope whose father owned the factory where Jack was so tragically killed. Mathew’s real love is farming and, after his father’s death, he devotes his time to his farm on the Gower peninsula.  Megan and her daughter Alana become closely attached to Mathew but tragedy strikes again when poor Catrin’s untimely demise is devastating, especially since the sisters had finally been reunited.

  With all this behind her, Megan sees a new life ahead for her and Alana.

She had closed the first few chapters in her life and the next were about to begin.